Are health struggles attributed to gray divorce?

On behalf of Zettersten & Hammond PLLC | Nov 22, 2019 | Divorce

In the US, divorce rates for older adults are higher than it has been before. Gray divorce involves splitting a marriage at an older age, such as between 50 and 64. However, older Tennessee couples may also divorce one another. U.S. News reports divorce at an older age can lead to different struggles and health problems that younger people do not face.

Divorce can affect health at all ages, but it is particularly crucial to remain active as you age. Divorcees often experience depression. This may be worse in a gray divorce due to the isolation. After a divorce, especially from a marriage that has lasted a long time, you may have difficulty putting yourself onto the social scene again. After all, if you married young, it may have been decades since you had to go out and make friends or relationships on your own. Often, older adults may not feel as though there is any way to make connections at an older age.

Staying inside with depression can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that might trigger high blood pressure or diabetes. These conditions are worse when you do not exercise or remain active. In addition, insomnia may also follow a divorce.

It is challenging to start your life over at any age. Gray divorce is a more modern trend. Some may attribute it to people living longer. In contrast, other instances may be due to women being more financially secure outside of marriage.

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